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The best new Android 7.0 features that aren’t coming to your phone anytime soon (sorry!)


Android 7.0, baby!

Google has pushed the "go" button on its newest and greatest version of Android, 7.0 Nougat, and we must say: It brings with it some exciting new features!

However - and we hate to be the ones to break this to you - you aren't getting this update anytime soon.

No, unfortunately this update, not unlike every Android update from the last several years, is only beaming out to the highest of high-caliber Android phones: the Google-designed Nexus 6, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P.

Oh, but not for your phone. Sorry about that!

It brings us no joy to have to tell you that smartphones like the Galaxy S, LG G, etc, despite their popularity, don't get Google's Android updates when they're first released. This is because they run on modified versions of the Android operating system, ones that require modified updates to be sent out to them by Samsung, LG, etc, and that process traditionally takes months.

Ugh! Bummer, right?

But! What do say we take a fun look at the new features that are coming to not your phone, all the same?


Super handy Direct Replies!

In Android Nougat, which you're nowhere near getting an opportunity to download to your phone, you can reply to messages right from their pop-up notifications.

Imagine how nice it'll be (when you get Android 7.0 many, many, many months from now) to not have to leave the app you're engrossed in just to reply "Yup" to a text from your buddy. Great feature!

Kickass battery improvements!

The battery saver system in Android, Doze, is updated in 7.0, which means better battery life is here for anyone installing the new Android update (not you, sorry).

Android used to detect when your phone was motionless -- while sitting on a desk and not being, for instance -- and would shut down most of its power to save battery. That system didn't help when the phone was in a pocket or bag, however. So Doze has now been tweaked to implement power-saving techniques anytime the screen of the phone is off. 

Way better multitasking between apps!

Not only does Android 7.0's new multitasking system improve overall phone performance, it also now offers a quicker way to switch between the last two apps you were using.

Once you get this new version of Android on your phone - and we're not holding our breath that it'll be anytime before the end of the Obama administration - double-tapping the overview button will act like the Last button on a TV remote.

Simple! Useful!

Useful Data Saver mode!

Accidentally going over your cell phone data plan can get really balloon your monthly bill. So, Android Nougat's Data Saver mode, which locks apps from secretly siphoning off MBs in the background while it's engaged, can actually wind up saving you money. (That's if the you in this instance is someone who has access to the Android 7.0 update right now, i.e. not you. You won't save any money.)


Fantastic new emojis!

Even though you won't be able to use them for a long time, or even see them when your friends with Android 7.0 send them to you, we think you should know that the 72 new emojis in Google's latest OS update are terrific fun!

There's an avocado, a new puke face, bacon, a selfie arm, a juggling guy, and plenty more.

"Express yourself," Google says in a blog about its update, and people who have the new version of Android and all of these new emojis definitely will. But not you. You aren't getting the new version of Android anytime soon, as we've covered.

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