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The coolest party photographers you need to follow on Instagram


There's a lot of cliche nightlife photography out there -- shots of neon lights flashing from an elaborate stage, groups of girls inspired by #squadgoals, and DJs with their hands raised towards the crowd.

That's why we've put this list together of the coolest party photographers who are managing to do something a little unexpected. They're showing a truer and more candid side of nightlife through their Instagram accounts, and they're finding the best parties around to document. 

You probably should follow them right now for a look at these crazy parties and the moments that some might not remember the next day. 


Karel Chladek's photos give off a total mysterious vibe. They're dark and foggy, and his subjects tend to have blank faces, seemingly transfixed by the beats in the club. Sometimes, his photos bring you to the main stage of a festival. Other times, you're brought to a dimly lit basement with just a few sweaty dancers in the crowd. In Chladek's photography, both scenes look equally appealing.

We get some serious FOMO looking at his feed, because these parties (and their attendees) seem impossibly cool. The Montreal-based photographer also runs a Tumblr filled with party GIFs that make us wish we were there. 


Ollie Kirk is giving his all to the documentation of Leicester nightlife. His Instagram feed is filled with people drinking, smoking, and looking like they're having more fun than you'll ever have. And it's all masterfully shot, from the neon light glares in crowd shots to the black-and-white portraits that can make you feel like you actually know the subject in question. 

Kirk's recent zine, Blu, shows how the city celebrated after their football club's big win. The zine is available for a limited run of only 100 copies, so if you want an inside look at Leicester nightlife, we recommend you act soon.


The feed of @etkaimages is full of mischief and trespassing. There's a picture of the climb up Manchester's tallest radio tower; another image shows someone expertly jumping over a fence. Those photos, along with a fair amount of festival and club pics, are interspersed with stunning nature images -- because everyone needs a break from the nightlife scene once in a while.

You'll also find the masterful use of long exposure in some of the club pics, which definitely helps to create that wavy party feeling. We can almost hear the beats coming from the decks when we look at the DJ pictures on this Instagram profile.


Sylvain Granier is showing just what it's like to party with him in Montreal, and we have to admit that we're a little bit jealous. Anyone want to go to Montreal? His latest photos of ILESONIQ effectively capture the very reasons why people go to festivals. One's caption reads, "That moment when your favorite artist come on stage after all day waiting for him."

In his feed, you're also going to find a lot of on-trend outfits and a lot of beautiful people wearing them. And sometimes also people dancing around tacos? It's no use questioning these crazy moments, but if you want to see more, it's time to follow @partywithsylvain.


Theo Cottle does not shy away from vomit. Nor does he shy away from blood, hard drugs, and fighting. There are some seriously rough shots in his Instagram feed. But while his photos may seem pretty gruesome, they're also very much real -- and well shot, too. Because, to be honest, we're not sure if we'd look at pics of vomit unless there was some photographic skill behind them.

So sure, we might have to brace ourselves for the worst when scrolling through his feed, but his work allows us to have a powerful look at shocking scenes that are usually not seen by anyone except for those who party maybe just a little too hard.


Loui Short's work is primarily portraiture, and each subject has a lot of personality. One girl shies away from the camera, while a second girl gives the photographer the finger with her well-manicured nail. Another favorite topic on his feed? Tattoos -- a carton of milk, a pair of scissors, Mickey Mouse... Several pics (and the occasional video) also document the full tattoo process. 

In Short's photography, there are girls kissing girls, guys kissing bottles of soda, and a whole lot of people smoking. His film photography is often grainy and sometimes blurry, but he's telling a clear story of how England's youth parties. 


Corey Donovan gives us an inside look at the best house parties we weren't invited to. And he's mostly doing it with point and shoot cameras, which definitely helps to create the slightly nostalgic vibe of his photos. At these parties, all of the guests are beautiful and stylish, and we're pretty sure that no one is sober. Can we get an invite next time?

Donovan opts for landscape-style photographs over the traditional Instagram square, and we're all about the gorgeous colors that he achieves. He also embraces the use of a bright flash to illuminate the nighttime scenes -- and to better show us what we're missing out on!


The idea for Nick McManus' work is simple but genius - he'll come to an event and take just one or two Polaroids of the attendees. Whether it's a gallery opening, a secret party, or the closing day of a beloved NYC landmark, McManus will capture the crowd and the vibes expertly. 

Once the event really gets going, McManus arrives to work his magic. He's a master at somehow getting a group to pause their partying in order to come together for that perfect shot. And as soon as he snaps that Polaroid, he's out of there as quickly as he arrived, off to continue his documentation of the best underground nightlife in NYC.


Jade Greene is dedicated to capturing the "21st century youth", or #generationYnot. His artist statement wonders what it means to have grown up on the Internet with the expectation of being watched.

"It means always saying yes to the next party, the next concert, the next club," he attempts to answer. "It means waking up the next day and finding out that your drunk ass has gone viral." And his Instagram feed of crazy partying truly captures this spirit.

Greene also created a documentary series called HEDGEHOGS that follows the romantic relationships of college students and examines the hookup culture of the campus.


There are a lot of boobs being flashed on Sim Ouch's Instagram. Of course, the nipples are always covered up with various emoji to comply with Instagram's rules against nudity. The alien emoji seems to be a favorite, but Ouch mixes it up from time to time.

And among all of the boobs, there's also the feeling of a carefree summer that the Switzerland-based photographer captures so well. Amusement park rides and pool parties under clear blue skies create an illusion that summer will never, ever end. Add in some cool fashions and the occasional cute puppy, and how can you possibly go wrong by following this profile?

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