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Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, speaks during a town hall meeting at South Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Featuring: Hillary Clinton Where: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States When: 29 Dec 2015 Credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.com **Not available for publication in Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia**

The cringiest pop culture moments from the Trump and Clinton campaigns


Trump and Clinton are trying to attract millennials, but their attempts can be cringeworthy.

This "Pokemon Go" line recently caused a lot of second-hand embarrassment.

I don't know who created Pokémon Go, but I'm trying to figure out how we get them to have Pokémon Go to the polls.
Hillary Clinton

She might look pleased, but she almost killed "Pokemon Go" forever with her terrible joke.

Also, this event happened. It's almost like she's intentionally trying to ruin the appeal.

And then there's the "Crooked Hillary No" parody video from Trump.

I wish I had time [to play Pokémon Go].
Donald Trump

Like Clinton, Trump couldn't resist mentioning the craze. The short video posted to his Facebook page shows "Crooked Hillary" as a Pokémon; her profile mentions "30,000 emails deleted" and lists her next evolution as "unemployed".

Maybe the candidates thought that "Pokemon Go" would help them catch voters, but for many, these references just aren't working.

Hillary seriously advertised Kim Kardashian's cellphone case on "Ellen."

[Kardashian's case] makes anybody look better! I have been desperately looking for one of those ever since. But no luck.
Hillary Clinton

We're surprised we didn't see Hillary looking for votes at Coachella with a LuMee case.

Trump dancing to "Hotline Bling" on SNL is pretty cringey. 

This reaction tweet says exactly what most of us were thinking.

THE MOST AWKWARD (Donald) Stand By Me Cover - Trump Ben Carson Dance on Stage - FNN

Trump sort of dancing to "Stand By Me" is even worse.

While it might be possible to find a little humor in his "Hotline Bling" dance, there are no excuses for this awkward moment. Ben Carson makes a bonus appearance with Trump, and both of them look incredibly uncomfortable. 

One YouTube commenter wrote, "That's it. We're doomed. Never has there been something so painfully awkward in the history of the planet. If the Earth were to spontaneously explode, no one could say we didn't deserve it for allowing such cringe into the world."

Another wrote, "I couldn't watch this. So fecking awkward."

More words used to describe the video: torture, mess, nightmare.

But Hillary doing the "Whip/Nae Nae" might be the cringiest of all.

She has also dabbed and wobbled. Twitter reactions ranged from lighthearted jokes...

...to serious criticisms about Hillary doing whatever it takes for the black vote.

Speaking of the black vote...

"I got a hot sauce in my bag, swag" is a line from Beyoncé's "Formation."

I want to be as good a president as Beyoncé is a performer.
Hillary Clinton

On the other hand, Hillary previously mentioned her love of hot sauce long before "Formation".

But on the other, other hand, she has tried to convince voters that she's a Beyoncé fan several times during the duration of her presidential campaign, including saying that she liked "Lemonade" while on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

And Trump fell into some controversy himself after posting this tweet referencing "Frozen."

He didn't seem to fully realize the issue people had with his now-deleted, anti-Hillary tweet.

Even actress Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna in "Frozen," got involved.

And Hillary's social media team had a moment.

But her social team has also been called out for using "yaaas." And there's this shirt too.

Let's be real. There is absolutely no way that Hillary Clinton has ever said "yaaas." Ever. But that hasn't stopped her campaign from putting the phrase on a t-shirt and using it in a number of tweets.

Some feel like Hillary is trying way too hard to appear millennial friendly. And others are frustrated that Hillary is using a word that originated in LGBT and drag culture to promote herself and make money. Many believe that Hillary has not done enough to support the LGBT community, especially given her history of doing the exact opposite.

Is Clinton pandering with this shirt? A lot of people sure seem to think so. 

Whose pop culture references make you cringe more?

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