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Vladimir Putin (left) and Dominic Green from the "James Bond" movies.
Vladimir Putin (left) and Dominic Green from the "James Bond" movies.

8 times Putin was basically a Bond villain


8 times Putin was basically a Bond villain

In a James Bond movie, the evil agent in charge of the Eastern Bloc would say something maniacal like, "There is no such thing as a former KGB man."

Except no Bond villain said that. The man who said it was Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Here are eight more times Putin was basically a Bond villain.

Vladimir Putin (left) and Dominic Green from the "James Bond" movies.
Vladimir Putin (left) and Dominic Green from the "James Bond" movies.

1. Dominic Greene, "Quantum of Solace"

The 22nd Bond film, "Quantum of Solace," stars a villainous "environmentalist" named Dominic Greene, who builds a fancy eco-hotel in the desert as a front for his schemes to control most of South America's water supply. Putin, in efforts to shape his public image, has pulled more than a few Greene-esque stunts. From firing a crossbow at a whale as part of an eco-tracking effort to leading a pack of migratory birds in an airplane reminiscent of the Spirit of St. Louis, Putin manages to seem both environmentally aware and totally terrifying.(Photos by AP/MGM)

2_Victor Zokas.jpg
POOL ALTERNATIVE CROP OF MOSB205 Russian President Vladimir Putin, foreground, sits on board a bathyscaphe as it plunges into the Black sea along the coast of Sevastopol, Crimea, Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015. President Vladimir Putin plunged into the Black Sea to see the wreckage of a sunk ancient merchant ship which was found in the end of May. (Alexei Nikolsky/RIA-Novosti, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

2. Victor Zokas, "The World Is Not Enough"

A fictional Russian terrorist, Victor "Renard" Zokas, is the main villain in the 1999 James Bond film "The World Is Not Enough." Without spoiling the ending, let's just say it involves a nuclear reactor, a stolen submarine and a plot to sabotage Russia's oil pipeline to the West. Putin's recent naval exploits included commandeering a mini-submarine, allegedly to investigate a 19th-century wreck, but it may have just as well been loaded with nuclear warheads based on Putin's facial expressions. (Photos by AP/MGM)

3_Ernst Stavro Blofeld fixed.jpg

3. Ernst Stavro Blofeld, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"

In the sixth film in the James Bond series, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a cat-cuddling supervillain, attempts to make a daring escape in a bobsled. Bond manages to snag a hold of the sled as it careens down the mountain and the two men enter into a precarious battle. Putin, also a daredevil mastermind, took a similar jaunt in a bobsled during his campaign for election in 2012. The Russian leader asked to test the track and finished two runs of the course riding in tandem with the pro. "I liked it," Putin declared after finishing his second run. "I recommend it." (Photos by AFP/Getty and MGM)

4_Chula fixed.jpg

4. Chula, "The Man with the Golden Gun"

The ninth entry in the James Bond series features a cameo from a martial arts master named Chula. Bond's evil challenger, dressed all in black, delivers two solid punches to the kidney and a well-placed kick to the throat, forcing Bond to retreat. Back in a 2003 trade visit to Japan, Putin took some time out from negotiations to Chula it up at the Kodokan judo headquarters. In a public sparring match, Putin opened up a can of Russian whoopa$$ on the dojo's lead instructor. (Photos by AP/United Artists Corporation)

5_James Bond.jpg

5. James Bond, "Never Say Never Again"

We know. We're supposed to be comparing Putin to villains, but we had to find a reason to include one of the most memed images of the Russian president. I mean, he's shirtless and riding a horse. How could we not include that? So it is, right alongside Sean Connery as James Bond riding off into the sunset in "Never Say Never Again." (Photos by AP/Warner Bros.)

6_Colonel Tov Kronsteen fixed.jpg

6. Col. Tov Kronsteen, "From Russia With Love"

A chief strategist for the villainous Dr. No and his secret crime organization SPECTRE, Kronsteen is always one step ahead of Bond. Using KGB-style brawn and brains, he devises a plan to lure Bond into helping him steal a decoding device known as the Lektor - and it works.  Kronsteen, a chess grandmaster, manipulates every character in the film as though they were his pawns. Putin is just as crafty. From the annexation of Crimea to propping up the Assad regime in Syria, he seems to be duping the world's greatest superpowers while getting just what he wants. (Photos by AP/United Artists Corporation)


7. Blofeld (recurring villain)

Appearing in seven James Bond films, Blofeld is an evil genius with aspirations of world domination and one extremely fluffy white cat. He is Bond's archenemy and head of the global crime network SPECTRE. One of his more evil plots consisted of launching his own spaceship in order to "spacenap" U.S. and Russian spaceships. Putin has not resorted to spaceship kidnappings, but he has snuggled his fair share of cuddly critters. From koalas to puppies, Putin can make even the cutest animal look menacing. (Photos by AP/MGM)

8. Motorbike Assassin, "The Spy Who Loved Me"

In the 10th film in the Bond franchise, our hero is chased by an assassin on a motorcycle fitted with a detachable, explosive sidecar. Luckily, Bond manages to escape by explosive sidecar. President Barack Obama, on the other hand, was not able to escape Putin and a gang of bikers called the "Night Wolves" when he visited Moscow in 2009. The Russian leader cruised through the streets, presumably just to mess up traffic for the American president, on a hog outfitted with the Russian flag. (Photos by AP/MGM)

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