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President Trump vs. Hillary's Girdle: Top parody tweets from the DNC


If you squint hard enough, you just might mistake these Twitter accounts for the real thing.

Parody accounts have long had a place in the broad world of Twitter, often reaching thousands of followers (and even occasionally breaking a million). With the current election cycle, politically-based accounts have truly had a chance to shine. As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continue to provide endless raw material, these parody accounts have not disappointed.

Now that the history-making DNC has wrapped up, it's time to see what notable figures like Abraham Lincoln and Hillary Clinton's girdle have to say.

As the DNC began with an email leak, parody accounts weighed in on the controversy.

Given Trump's previous insults toward women, this tweet is actually not much of a stretch.

Seems a little unlikely, but hey, this election has been full of surprises.

When it came to Bernie Sanders' endorsement, even Hillary's girdle had something to say.

And the Bernie or Bust protestors likely wish that this tweet was real.

President Lincoln made a surprise appearance to discuss Michelle Obama's speech.

And so did Ronald Reagan. Yeah, her speech brought back a lot of dead presidents.

There was a lot to be said about Bill Clinton's speech, too.

If true, this would be significantly less surprising than Bernie as a Russian spy.

Again, we can almost hear Donald Trump saying this. Almost.

A lot of people were with you on that one, Pimp Bill Clinton.

And yes, Hillary probably did want to say this last night.

We'll just leave this here.

Yes, political parody accounts exist to make us laugh. But do they also hit a little too close to home?

Their on-point critiques of the current election often reach the spots that others are afraid to touch. While politicians strive to maintain carefully curated images, especially during the election cycle when image matters so strongly, parody accounts can say what no one else will. By using the guise of humor, the accounts get away with bold statements that may not always be taken seriously.

But when their jokes have a strong basis in reality, should they be considered as more than just comic relief?

What do you think of political parody tweets?

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