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Did U Know: It's not just presidents who can be impeached


Did U Know: It's not just presidents who can be impeached

As conservatives continue their call to impeach the current Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen, Judicial Watch released documents on Thursday that show the FBI knew the IRS was targeting groups because of their right-leaning politics two years before Congress was told.  

It got us thinking, who can get impeached, anyway?  Turns out it's more than presidents.

According to the Constitution, at the federal level, all civil officers can be removed from office for the conviction of treason, bribery or other high crimes. A civil officer is just a fancy way of saying anyone in a position of legal authority in our government like a judge, a cabinet secretary or president.

Fun fact 1: While we oftentimes think of Bill Clinton when it comes to impeachment, judges actually are impeached most often.

Fun fact 2: : The U.S. House of Representatives has the sole power to begin the impeachment process.

The way the process works is the House votes to impeach a person they think has been involved in some kind of chicanery. The trial then takes place in the Senate.

Right now, we're pretty far away from a possible Koskinen impeachment. 

But before the House left for recess earlier this month, members of the Freedom Caucus (a group of conservative lawmakers) filed what's called a privileged resolution. This resolution effectively bypasses leadership if the House speaker doesn't agree to start impeachment proceedings in the Judiciary Committee.  We'll keep our eye on this fight.

As Ben Franklin mentioned during the Constitutional Convention, having a process for impeachment is preferable to the other option for removing officials from power, assassination.

Good thing we have a constitution.

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