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Weed, shrooms and Christ: Worshiping with drugs in Warrior, Alabama


Weed, shrooms and Christ: Worshiping with drugs in Warrior, Alabama

This church in Warrior, Alabama, claims that a federal exemption allows them to smoke pot and take mushrooms. The church is called the Okleveuha Native American Church of Inner Light -- but they aren't Native American, just Christian. 

Church leader Chris Rushing and other members have special ID cards to show law enforcement should there be any question regarding the drug use. 

Rushing preaches about the peace that can come from these substances "grown on God's Earth." He once led meetings out of his mobile home, but with a congregation now more than 120 strong, they're having to find bigger venues and other ways to worship together.

The medicinal ceremonies are done one-on-one, usually in the privacy of a member's home.

The church has its critics. The National Council of Native American Churches issued a statement earlier this year saying it rejects and condemns "any claim by these illegitimate organizations that marijuana or any other plant serves or has ever served as a sacrament in indigenous Native American Church ceremonies. The only plant that serves as a sacrament is Peyote."

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