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Iran's next target could be our electrical grid



It sounds like something out of Hollywood, a bomb with an electromagnetic pulse that can take out the lights of Los Angeles. without collateral damage. It sounds like Hollywood, but this could be our reality if Iran attacks our electrical grid like they have laid out in "Passive Defense," a secret Iranian military document.

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) shared information about Iran's potential electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack as it is described in "Passive Defense," with Circa. Right now Franks said he thinks an EMP attack is, "the most dangerous short term national security threat that we face."

According to Franks, an electromagnetic pulse attack happens when a small nuclear warhead detonates hundreds of miles over the U.S., sending out an electromagnetic wave that can instantly take out the country's power grid without mass casualties.

Franks told Circa that "Passive Defense," "outlined that the best way to deal with countries like America, a country that was much stronger than them, was an asymmetric strategy of attacking our electric grid."

Franks says that one strategic strike could create blackouts nationwide. The consequences of this could be a field day for hackers, cripple our military defense system, and that's not even mentioning what life would be like for normal Americans if they had no power.

The risk of an EMP attack has been around since the Cold War but according to Franks, "we're a thousand times more vulnerable than we were even 50 years ago."

We're a thousand times more vulnerable than we were even 50 years ago.

Despite President Obama's efforts to normalize relations with Iran through a nuclear deal, many say the country continues to be a threat to our national security.

To protect against Iran, and other countries like North Korea who could deploy nuclear weapons, Franks has introduced two bills that are making their way through Congress that would help protect against an EMP attack. Franks says that, "if these bills pass the Senate, then what we do then, is harden the grid to the extent that even if we have a pulse that takes the grid down, we can bring it back up."

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